Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis with Good Green Jobs Now

Our aim is to create hundreds of livable wage, good green jobs in climate friendly/green tourism, healthy forest management, clean energy expansion, energy efficiency, building retrofits and affordable, sustainable homebuilding, electric transportation, green infrastructure construction and management, and other sectors to create a green economy sustaining the environment, economy and communities.
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If you need work done on your house such as yard work, pine needle pick up, painting or even inside work, consider hiring a local worker today! Many in our community need employment in the near-term in order to put food on the table and stay in their existing homes.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Tahoe's economy hard. Thousands of local residents have lost jobs, some of which will not return. Small businesses throughout the Basin are under tremendous strain. The tourism economy has ground to a halt. Anxiety is high.

This moment calls for an urgent response to confront the scale of the problem through an amplification and acceleration of Tahoe’s environmental economy, in a way that provides hope and real benefits to Tahoe residents and communities.