The mission of the Tahoe Green Jobs Coalition is to immediately develop and deploy a Tahoe green job stimulus program, with a goal of training and hiring hundreds of Tahoe Basin residents in livable wage jobs, as part of a rapid transition to a green economy that models climate change resilience and solutions.

The Tahoe Green Jobs Coalition consists of Tahoe public and private sector entities that are engaged in innovative environmental employment, and/or are pursuing funding to build programs and opportunities. The Tahoe Green Jobs Coalition will help each participating organization identify, pursue and secure funds to implement job creating opportunities.

Prospective Coalition Members and Opportunities

Public Sector Partners

City of South Lake Tahoe

Has a commitment to 100% renewable energy, and is developing a Climate Action Plan, which present numerous opportunities for capital investment and green job creation. Has identified money saving opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy, researched conversion of fleets to electric. Deployed solar on airport hangars in 2019, and is exploring options for additional installations on other city properties.

Opportunities: Expedite municipal building solar projects to reach 100% renewable goal soon, with a stipulation of training and hiring local installers. Raise funds to hire local contractors to deploy energy efficiency measures in city buildings. Pursue funds for fleet electrification. Pursue funding for a dedicated sustainability manager to coordinate city and partner green economy efforts.

US Forest Service, LTBMU

Has numerous wildfire prevention, forest health, meadow restoration and other projects in the queue, which should be expedited to help reduce heightened fire risk and protect water quality following winter with far below average snowfall. Expand Generation Green to work on regeneration, other programs. Build a new network of trails to connect developed areas with USFS and other public lands.

California Tahoe Conservancy

Tahoe Livable Communities program is building new affordable, green housing. Also, developing Climate Adaptation Action Plan, which will “identify actions that will both build climate preparedness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that will provide environmental, economic, and social benefits to the Lake Tahoe basin.”

Opportunities: Help clear hurdles to beginning construction in 2020. Hire local workforce.

Tahoe Transportation District (TTD)

Exploring hydrogen and electric ferries, deploying electric buses, and a Basin entrance fee to help pay for transportation and environmental programs.

Opportunities: Develop distributed electric transportation system with new job opportunities — electric microtransit, electric vehicle ride sharing, etc. Electrify America recently provided $44 million for a suite of electric transportation initiatives in Sacramento.

Nevada Division of State Lands and of Environmental Protection (NDEP)

Potential funding opportunities, particularly for labor-intensive meadow and stream restoration work in the Tahoe Basin, and of water quality improvement projects.

Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (NTCD), Tahoe Resource Conservation District (TRCD)

Obtain funding to expedite water quality and forest health projects in the queue, and/or identify new projects to be funded through federal or state stimulus funding.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Tie in with sustainability program, develop supportive codes and policies, tie in with climate resiliency grant and other funding possibilities, convene Basin wide forums.

Douglas County, Washoe County, El Dorado County, Placer County

Broadband deployment, hiring local installers to deploy solar on county facilities, install EV charging infrastructure, deploy energy efficiency measures.


Need to replace aging infrastructure presents job opportunities. Deployment of solar, small scale biomass, EV charging stations and energy efficiency measures presents job opportunities for local developers, installers.

Lake Tahoe Unified School District

Has 100% renewable, 100% electric bus goals.

Opportunities: Will have need for electric bus and vehicle maintenance training. Tabled a multi-million energy efficiency program, which could be resurrected. Interested in school solar projects, which could employ local installers. Has funding for a workforce development program with LTCC, which would help provide a pipeline of employees for numerous Tahoe employers.

Washoe County Unified School District, Douglas County USD, Washoe County USD

Deployment of solar, EV charging stations and energy efficiency measures presents job opportunities for local developers, installers.

Lake Tahoe Community College

Hosting electric bus charging station, planning to deploy EV charging stations, has implemented energy efficiency measures. Started forest health and wildfire prevention program with California Conservation Corps. Offers “Advance” program for job placement, which is a “collaborative network of local organizations, government offices, and employers, able to provide access to a wide range of services that help adults meet educational, career, and personal goals.”

Opportunities: Work closely with Advance program to connect Tahoe residents with green job training and opportunities. Hire local installers to deploy solar, install EV charging stations. Get funding to deploy a new Forest Education and Job Placement program, which is designed to build workforce health and wildfire prevention industries and serve as a model for forested communities throughout CA.

California Conservation Corps

Increase crew size to ramp up pace and scale of forest treatments to mitigate wildfire threat. Provide education and certification programs to retain members and support promotional opportunities. Also could add CCC Energy Corps here (non residential program) to train and deploy crews for energy efficiency, solar installation, and EV charging infrastructure installations.

Nevada Department of Transportation, CalTrans

Funds available for sustainable transportation initiatives.

Nevada Division of State Lands, CA State Parks

Pursue funding for trail maintenance, interpretation, public access, environmental education.


Potential funding opportunities, particularly for labor-intensive meadow and stream restoration work in the Tahoe Basin.

Private Sector Partners

Tahoe Prosperity Center

Primary organization devoted exclusively to community & economic development in the Tahoe Basin. Mission closely aligned with goals of the Tahoe Green Jobs initiative.

Opportunities – Help identify, procure, promote business support and sources of funding. Potential sponsor of the project.  Promote in upcoming public symposiums.

League to Save Lake Tahoe

funded microtransit project in 2018 (Chariot), has staff and Board focused on sustainability.

Opportunities: Provide fundraising assistance, staff support, connection to donors.

Tahoe Fund

mission to become a major source of private funding for environmental projects around the Lake Tahoe Basin with an emphasis on forest health, lake clarity, sustainable transportation, and stewardship.

Opportunities: Provide fundraising assistance, connection to donors.

North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce

Help identify, procure, promote small business support and stimulus funding

South Tahoe Chamber

Help identify, procure, promote small business support and stimulus funding

Sierra Business Council

Help identify, procure, promote small business support and stimulus funding. Build on existing programs, including development of Energy Action Plans, and Climate Action Plans.

Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

Shape, build, promote climate-friendly, green tourism. Pursue grant funds for education for visitors and residents.

Events Center

Green building design, microtransit funding.

Opportunities: Electrify microtransit, hire local workforce for construction.

Local solar installers

Provide training, build staff to deploy solar at City, schools, STPUD, small businesses, residential to comply with new CA building code.

Energy efficiency/weatherization crews

Train, deploy local crews to implement programs funded by programs administered by Liberty Utilities, state of CA, etc.


Apprenticeships, building teams to deploy EV charging infrastructure, etc.


Recruit more team members to be directly involved in green economy work (energy efficiency, solar installers, EV charging infrastructure).

Homebuilders, Local Green Builders (Tahoe Sustainable Builders, for ex.)

Green home remodels, building teams to construct new construction with green mandates. Tiny home construction to address affordable housing supply, which is top CA priority. Likely funding available, given addressing homeless crisis was Gov. Newsom’s top State of the State focus.

Liberty Utilities

Has rebate program for home and small business EV charging, funding for energy efficiency and weatherization programs, rooftop solar.

Opportunities: Chronic shortage of lineman, would benefit from partnership with LTCC. Need for additional weatherization contractors.

Vail and Squaw

have 100% renewable goals, exploring EV charging infrastructure.

Opportunities: Hire local workers to deploy solar, do energy efficiency audits, deploy EV infrastructure.

Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA)

Hire crews to build new trails, including trails connecting developed areas to public lands.

Sierra Nevada Alliance

Recruit additional Americorps members to help implement, coordinate green economy projects.


Has a high school apprenticeship program for NV students, which includes NV side of Basin.  Expand this to LTCC optimizing the workforce development program currently in place.

Opportunities:  Advocate to expand apprentice program to CA side of Basin.

Local artists

Pursue state and federal money to support community building, educational efforts.